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As a mom to four young kids now and an AFAA certified personal fitness trainer since 2010, I've found a passion for inspiring, encouraging, and guiding other women that feel like it's impossible to focus on health and fitness during the precious but wildly busy season of motherhood. Having gone through many of the struggles that motherhood can bring into a fitness journey myself, I want to show you that improving your health and fitness during motherhood isn't impossible! My approach to meeting health and fitness goals while consumed with motherhood gets rid of a negitive mindset and unrealistic expectations while introducing practical exercise and eating habits for your phase of life, and accepting the reality you are in currently so you can embrace motherhood to its fullest!

MOTHERHOOD is consuming,

but it can be empowering too! I've struggled with the balance of being pulled in multiple directions by little hands and wanting to take a minute and do something good for myself. Frustration can easily take over and resentment grows where we don't want it. It doesn't have to be this way!

Let's be real.

Acknowledging the unrealistic expectations for myself that I had brought into motherhood lead me to discovering a mindset I had let grow and take over that I wanted no part of. Acknowledging my reality, shifting my expectations, planning realistic workouts and discovering a simple way of eating brought me back to having more joy in motherhood, and being able to still have my own health and fitness goals and work towards them in a realistic way, that didn't make me feel resentful towards all that motherhood required of me.

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